HOPE in Sri Lanka

Registered Charity No 1121160

Helping Overcome Painful Emotions in Sri Lanka

Following the disastrous Tsunami of 26th December 2004 , Keith and Pam Pollen felt challenged to do more than give money to help people in Sri Lanka. PAMELA J POLLEN (B.Sc. Hons., Adv Dip Counselling, MBACP) is a qualified counsellor with experience of working with children and adults and she felt compelled to look into ways to help. Keith Pollen is the chairman trustee of the Registered Charity (Number 1121160).

They set up the charity – Hope in Sri Lanka which supports neglected, abandoned and orphaned children in Sri Lanka. The charity aims to bring emotional support to trauma affected children and families. They rely entirely on donations to also provide help in housing, feeding and caring for children and care mothers. 

During their first mission to Sri Lanka after the Tsunami, Pam and Keith found that individuals and families responded positively when she helped children use paintings and drawings to express their emotions.

Keith and Pam then decided to explore ways to enable more people to receive the much needed emotional help and this developed into this very special charity.

The charity currently has three other TRUSTEES apart from Keith and Pam Pollen.

 During each trip Keith and Pam work with the emotions of the children that the orphanage directors feel need special help.  This may be with individual counselling or group work.  They also prepare relevant stories from the Bible  to use for the children who wish to attend.The children love to prepare a drama and Keith and Pam produce craft activities which help the children remember the stories.  One of the charity’s trustees also produces large pictures relevant to the stories and the children love to colour these in small groups.  This work also helps to develop the children’s social skills.

HOPE in Sri Lanka have a number of ongoing projects which can be seen on other pages.    Creative therapy with individuals and groups is also ongoing  and takes place on every trip.

Contributions to the work of Hope In Sri Lanka are always welcome.

Contact details for Hope in Sri Lanka,  Email pam.hopeinsrilanka@btinternet.com
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HOPE in Sri Lanka Registered Charity No 1121160