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Teaching Courses for Teachers, pastors and nurses.

On discovering that the adults in Tsunami affected areas were desperate to find ways to help and support children, Pam held courses , initially for teachers. Local pastors and nurses also asked for courses to be arranged for them.  HOPE in Sri Lanka supplied all the materials for these teaching sessions and also provided lunches.

Teachers and pastors taking part in Creative therapy courses
Care mothers at a local orphanage also took part in training sessions.


In all the courses – teachers, nurses, pastors and care mothers some had experienced loss of family in the Tsunami so the creative therapy they learned about helped them to also express their emotions and receive support.

HOPE in Sri Lanka has been able to support many projects since the charity was formed.  In local schools which suffered loss of equipment as well as life many items have been supplied.  

Equipment for lessons in Science, food technology, art, sport and gardening  were supplied.  Nurseries also received new toys and art materials.

A shower block was renovated and painted at one orphanage and following a Mission Trip in August 2017 donations were given to provide a shower block for boys in another orphanage.

Also following the August 2017 trip one team member, Janet was disturbed when she saw the condition of the children’s mattresses.  She decided to fund-raise so HOPE in Sri Lanka could buy new mattresses for all the children.  Some kind friends chose to donate to the “Mattress” fund rather than have a  Christmas and birthday gifts.

60 mattresses being delivered from a local shop.  Keith has become a very skilful barterer with local tradesmen and managed to get a great discount as well as free delivery.  Friends running the orphanage were astounded!

A generator and water tank were supplied and fitted at an orphanage where 50 abandoned and abused children live.

Supplying water can be a problem in some rural areas of Sri Lanka where the orphanages are often located.  HOPE in Sri Lanka has been able to help in several ways thanks to generous supporters and fundraisers.

Water tanks were provided to supply water to  8 cottages.   A very large water tank was supplied in an orphanage to provide water for the plants and animals.  The charity trustees are grateful to schools and individuals who provided the funding for this project.

Contributions to the work of Hope In Sri Lanka are always welcome.

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