When storms occur in Sri Lanka electricity is frequently cut off especially in rural areas. The orphanage Pam & Keith visit is in such a rural position and in the past food stored in the freezer has been lost. The road to the home is alongside a river which floods and this means getting to the shops is difficult .

Water is pumped from a well and during power cuts has to be collected manually. During one very powerful storm a child collecting water in the dark was stuck by lightning. She was hospitalised but thankfully survived without serious injury. Hearing this Keith & Pam felt the charity should fund raise to supply a much needed generator.

GeneratorPower cuts continue to be a real problem in rural Sri Lanka causing difficulties in the orphanage – food lost in freezers and fridges and also lack of power needed to supply water from the well. Fundraising which provided a generator that arrived in time for the power cut and flood of 2017.

Delivering Generator

They discovered that a water tank was also needed for the dry season emergencies so were able to supply a large tank and finance the fitting of that and the generator.

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