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The primary focus of the work of HOPE in Sri Lanka is helping with the emotional needs but it is good to be able to help in practical ways too. The supply of these materials also aids the emotional recovery, especially the art, music, dance and sports equipment and of course all equipment benefits the children’s education in general and helps to offer hope for their future.

In early trips after the Tsunami Pam and Keith supplied essential materials such as pens, pencils, paper, crayons to Tsunami affected schools and nurseries and funded this themselves. As the work has grown so too have our needs

Hope in Sri Lanka uses donations to provide bedding and mosquito nets, food and cooking utensils, wheelbarrows and farming tools, writing materials and educational equipment.

As donations are received the purchases are made in Colombo or local shops.

See pictures of the children at the nursery below and dont be mislead by the smiles and apparent cleanliness – living conditions are basic

Shopping In Colombo. Many shopkeepers in Pettah Market in Colombo have got used to Keith and Pam purchasing large amounts of stationery and craft materials for their work in orphanages . Some shops also donate items of old stock as they appreciate the help HOPE in Sri Lanka is giving to Sri Lankan children .

Contributions to the work of Hope In Sri Lanka are always welcome.

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