Helping during Pandemic

During the pandemic HOPE in Sri Lanka has continued to support orphans in Sri Lanka. Pam has been able to keep regular contact with the managers of the orphanage to offer guidance and emotional support as they have shared some of the issues they and the children are facing.


As well as this support several donations have been sent. This money has been wisely used to provide items urgently needed for the children. One donation was used for purchasing large amounts of rice, lentils and other dry and tinned food items. HOPE in Sri Lanka usually supplies most of the stationery items the children need for their school work. As Keith and Pam have not been able to visit these supplies, usually replenished as part of the Christmas gift, have been greatly depleted. A donation was sent to supply the new exercise books and other items required. When the schools were closed and online teaching offered, the charity was able to send a donation to provide some technical equipment so the children could access the lessons.

Plenty of food was purchased but HOPE in Sri Lanka hopes to continue sending donations as the cost of basic food has risen dramatically.

One boy studying at home with items supplied by HOPE in Sri Lanka

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