On the site of the orphanage there was an almost derelict cottage.  Keith & Pam decided to fundraise so that the cottage could be made habitable as they were concerned about the older children when schooling is finished.  After leaving school and age 18 they can no longer live in the dormitories with the younger children .  The following pictures show the some of the work that was done.  The boys helped with the manual work and clearing the site.

The older boys who will live in the cottage helped with a lot of the manual work.

The plan is that as up to 4 older boys finish their schooling they can live in HOPE COTTAGE and learn to be independent while still living close enough to be under the care of the orphanage staff.  Meals will be available for them but they will be responsible for the cleaning and upkeep of the cottage and garden.  HOPE in Sri Lanka hopes to provide funding for these boys to take vocational course which will lead to employment locally.

HOPE COTTAGE Ready for boys to move in 

Sri Lankan people love to celebrate with a ceremony so when the cottage was ready Pam & Keith were asked to officially open the new home for the older boys. All the children watched as the red ribbon was cut and then the older boys showed off their new home to all.  The ceremony continued with speeches – also an important part of Sri Lankan celebrations and then all the children enjoyed a feast of pizza and chips accompanied by fizzy drinks and finishing off with ice-cream.

Funding is required to provide ongoing vocational courses for the boys.  The hope is that they will find employment following training and eventually be able to live independently.  While living in HOPE Cottage they will learn to cook their own meals but   food is available from the orphanage  kitchen.  The boys were thrilled to receive a kettle and radio for their new home. The charity was able to put in basic furniture, thanks to generous supporters.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SUPPORT THESE BOYS PLEASE CONTACT                                                     Pam & Keith


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