Special Needs

The charity became aware of some children with special needs who were not able to attend the government schools. The located a unit working with children with many special educational needs and arranged to take children there. Funding for transport for 3 days each week was provided by HOPE in Sri Lanka. The uniforms were also made and donations given to the unit providing excellent education and facilities for these children. The children were taken to their special school by the orphanage tuk tuk.

There were also older children who could not attend school as they did not have the basic reading and writing skills.  Pam and Keith encouraged the care mothers to teach these children and the charity supplied educational materials to help in this.  There were great celebrations when these children were finally able to attend school.  One girl was 11 years old but happy even though her classmates were very much younger. This project was called the Read/Write project and several schools got involved with fundraising for children less fortunate than them selves.

The charity also set up and supplied furniture and equipment for a preschool at one orphanage as well as providing funding for the teacher’s salary.  Unfortunately this orphanage closed down but many children were able to enjoy nursery schooling to enable them to begin school at the age of 6. Pam and Keith visited preschools in their home town and children were keen to help other children. One story which  moved the teachers and children was when Wimbledon donated used tennis balls and one little girl would not play with hers because she did not want it to get dirty.

The preschool uniform, provided by the charity had the HOPE in Sri Lanka log on the sleeve. The children also enjoyed playing with many toys provided by the charity including a wooden shop complete with plastic food items, a cash register and scales.

Vocational Courses  
HOPE in Sri Lanka is committed to supporting older children in doing vocational courses in Woodwork, IT, Motor Mechanics, Electrics and Hotel School. 

A  Computer Room 
HOPE built a room to house the computers provided by another organisation 


Contributions to the work of Hope In Sri Lanka are always welcome.

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