HOPE in Sri Lanka trustees and volunteers arrange treat day outings and special meals for children in orphanages.  The treats come in many forms as the pictures show.  An icrecream cone is a special treat for these children.  The charity also provides food for special meals, including Christmas.  Clothes have been given and even new towels, sheets and pillows are “treats” to children who have very little.

Every Christmas the children receive a bag of goodies and usually the children decorate these bags themselves. Keith & Pam purchase all the gifts for Christmas in Sri Lanka, usually on a trip organised for late October. The orphanage directors accompany them to local shops where they buy an outfit of clothes for every child. These are put in the child’s bag along with age appropriate toiletries and toys.

During this trip they also purchase all stationery items such as books and pens as well as school bags, lunch boxes and water boxes ready for the start of the new term in January.


Delivery of school books

When kind people arrange fundraising events to help HOPE in Sri Lanka Pam & Keith take photographs of the items purchased or the projects supported to give feedback to volunteers.

When she was 12 Madison organised several fundraising events so that Pam & Keith could arrange a “Treat Day” for 50 children living in an orphanage.

With the money Madison raised Pam & Keith were able to arrange a day out to a park in Colombo, followed by a party in MacDonalds.  None of the children had visited a restaurant of any kind before.  The staff enjoyed arranging a party with gifts and games after the children tucked into ‘Mac chicken and Rice”.

Pam and Keith aim to arrange some sort of treat for the orphanage children as part of each trip. They have funded two days out to Colombo.  The children chose to go to the National Museum on one trip, followed by MacDonalds’s , of course. 

Pam & Keith have also arranged “chocolate parties” at the orphanage and the directors and care mothers enjoy these as much as the children. After party games they are given marshmallows and fruit on sticks to dip into melted chocolate.

The charity is unable to publish photos of some children as many are abused and emotionally damaged.

Contributions to the work of Hope In Sri Lanka are always welcome.

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